Saturday, July 3, 2010

Ready-to-Burst Veggie Burger Wrap

Good evening! 

After dinner I decided to squeeze in another work out. As usual, I just ran around the neighborhood. I'd estimate that my trail was around 1.7 miles. Lots of uphill, downhill, and making U-turns at the end of dead-end streets. 

Haha can you imagine how creepy it'd be if I saw those?

I recently read that when you run you should always look ahead, not at the ground. That's because when your head is tilted downward, your throat is constricted and it becomes more difficult to breathe. I kept that in mind at the onset of my evening run, and I have to say that it helped a lot! I found myself breathing less heavily and I had more energy to keep moving. At one point I passed my street and thought how easy it would be to end right there and go home. But I didn't! I think I must've been on an energy high! And my body was telling me to keep going a little bit further before finally turning back. All in all, I found this run very energizing and refreshing, especially with the cool breezes. I think that may have been one of the most comfortable runs I've had in a while.

I just heard fireworks! :D Happy almost 4th of July! (Wait, did I just hear police sirens too...)

Now onto the food...

Wrapped up veggie burger with steamed broccoli! 
It's super easy to make and oh so flavorful.

I started off cutting up some fresh tomato, red onion, avocado, and used a vegetable peeler to peel some carrot "ribbons." I think that any veggies you have on hand would work. I just happen to always have these in my fridge (and the avocado was begging to be used!).

Then onto the veggie burger. I'm using a vegan variety by Don Lee Farms. Let me make my point by saying that these are DE-LICIOUS, hundredfolds better than bland Boca burgers or off-tasting Gardenburgers. I've been eating this same burger for the past 1-2 years. It has never failed on me! 

The ingredient list is short and simple. (I just wonder why they list "spice" and "natural flavor" as ingredients. Why not spell out the spices? And why bother mentioning natural flavor? Doesn't everything "natural" have a natural flavor of its own? Oh well.)

Anyway, the nutrition facts are pretty good. It's high in fiber and protein, which is a plus for us herbivores ;)

I just heat it up on the stove top, flipping it so that each side is nicely browned.

Don't you love it when you can actually SEE the veggies in your veggie burger?! ^_^

And here's the wrap I used.

It's almost the size of a sheet of paper towel!

Now spread on some hummus and sprinkle on your choice of seasoning.


Up close it kinda looks like garlic bread haha! It tastes way better though ;)

And then you just assemble everything together! I like to layer mine with baby spinach, then the chopped veggies and avocado (I'm trying my best to remember excluding it from the veggie category), and finally the burger on top, semi-mashed up. 

You don't think I overloaded too much, do you? I have the tendency to overestimate how much delicious filling these wraps can hold :D

I get excited because I always want to include everything!

On the side I decided to steam some broccoli using the good ol' microwave.
I knew my wrap was very savory, so I decided not to salt my broccoli. After washing the florets, I chopped them up, placed them in a bowl, sprinkled on some ground black pepper, and covered them with a clean wet (fairly saturated, not just damp) paper towel. I find the paper towel trick to be great for a quick and easy steam!

I managed to wrap everything up!

There is literally zero space left in that wrap. It's so plump!

My broccoli added a needed crunch to my meal...

Are you hungry yet? ^.^

As you can tell, it was so stuffed that as I was snapping quick shots of it, it started ripping! LOL

How cute is this little tush... :D

And I forgot to mention that I squeezed a tiny bit of lime juice over the contents of my wrap for some missing zing! factor.

I make variations of this wrap all the time. I always find new things to squeeze into there, making no one wrap the same. It tastes soo good, each and every time! 

Next time you eat a burger, try stuffing it into a wrap instead of between two boring slices of bread! And if the wrap breaks, who cares--whatever falls out is now an instant salad!

Time to sleep soon. Check back tomorrow for another twist on this veggie burger!

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